Every journey begins with that first step. In 2003, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) held 12 local fundraising Walks in selected locations across the country as a fund- and awareness-raising pilot project. After the Walks raised over $1.1 million, the pilot was declared a tremendous success, and NAMI embarked on an aggressive plan to add walks to sites throughout the country. As a result, thousands of concerned citizens in over 84 communities across the nation will walk together to raise money and awareness to adance the cause of a world-class treatment and recovery system for people with mental illness.

Tray helped NAMI reach their goal of adding sites by bringing the the Walk program online for all ordering and proofing of print collateral. As the Walk program grew, it would have become a time-consuming process to proof and place orders, and at the same time difficult to monitor the design, layout,  and print quality of collateral for each of the numerous sites. Tray custom-built an online ordering system tailored to NAMI’s needs. Over the next four years, the Walk sites were able to enter design specs and copy, review proofs, and place orders online, 24 hours a day. This service has provided not only easier project management, but also cost savings, because Tray is able to process and gang-run the orders while maintaining the quality of NAMI’s brand. Different locations throughout the country all get their variations on the distinctive NAMIWALKS brand, and at uniformly high quality. The site, along with effective online reporting, was built for NAMI at no cost. It has continued to be an invaluable part of the Walk Program to this day.

“Tray provided the means for us to easily establish our brand and manage our growth over the past four years. We would not have been as successful as we have been without our partnership with Tray.” -Warren Karmol, NAMIWalks National Director

Tray can create a site that will help you stretch your budget while saving you precious time in building an online ordering program!