Tray, Inc.


Why Promotional Products are great for your Organization

  • Create recognition and excitement for your brand or message.
  • Tangible marketing is memorable marketing.
  • Complement your brand or message at events, conventions, or outings.
  • Reward customer, employee, or member loyalty.
Promotional Products

Tray is more than just a vendor of Promotional Products

Our Graphic Design Group are experts in logo and message design.  The Group can augment your logo, or create a new one to get the biggest wow factor out of your Promotional Products.

Tray can build and run an online ordering web store for your Products, so they can be ordered internally within your organization, or externally by the public.  Administrative controls can be built onto the store, to give you control over who in your organization orders what Products.

Tray’s Promotional Products group knows this wide landscape well, and can zero in on the one Product that perfectly complements you.