Tray, Inc.

Latham & Watkins is a law firm in DC and has multiple locations all over the world. Each year they hire summer associates and for the summer of 2021, the associates are still working from home. Latham & Watkins was looking to send all associates a “Welcome to Team Latham” package full of Latham swag to welcome the new employees. Tray produced the highest quality packages and delivered on time. Tray also shipped out a tote and workout towel to 354 individuals. 

Job included:

  • custom mailer box –printed with message on inside of lid
  • branded t shirt
  • branded swell water bottle
  • branded post it notes
  • branded felt letter board with message on it
  • branded ring light
  • branded web cam cover
  • branded no touch tool
  • branded reusable straw set
  • branded moleskin journal
  • branded mouspads
  • branded legal pad
  • printed gift card

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