American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases


10+ Years

American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) wanted a way to say, “thank you,” to some of their donors, so they partnered with Tray, Inc. to create a custom gift set. AASLD chose several items – a stadium blanket, coffee mug with a bamboo lid/coaster, coffee, and an assorted tea tin – to be branded with their Foundation information. Tray worked to brand these items, selected a box with a custom label, and filled the empty space with AASLD colored crinkle paper to secure and protect the items. The box was topped off with a personalized “Thank You” note card so that it was the first thing the recipient would see. Tray’s fulfillment department created personalized UPS mailing labels that matched the note cards and shipped them off.


10+ Years

PRS Guitars is celebrating their 35th Anniversary with custom tags for each of their guitars produced by Tray Inc. With an increase in production due to high demand for guitars during COVID-19, tag usage also went up and created a shortage. With our vast fulfillment capabilities, Tray was able to produce and deliver custom tags within 24 hours to keep the guitars shipping on time.

PRS Guitars